Not that Symphony of Science

No, not the Symphony of Science, just a symphony of science. Here is Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos played through speakers made by my Physics students:

Made from cups and paper plates, LEGO and rubber bands, some of them have remarkably good sound. This project is conceptually straightforward, but requires care and precision in order to work well. I was pleased at how well these ones turned out. I think the students were as well.

3 thoughts on “Not that Symphony of Science

  1. Ari

    Extremely impressive – especially considering I couldn’t begin to understand how speakers work.

    This is much, much cooler than building a mousetrap car or a toothpick suspension crane. Ahem.

    1. ed Post author

      Right Hand Rules are all you really need to understand how speakers work. Once built, they can be used as microphones to illustrate induction too.


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