The Trouble with Content

One of the things that nags at me with Science education is that, at pretty much every level, the focus seems to be preparing kids for the next level. I recognize that the sciences cover a huge aount of information, and a lot of background is required to fully comprehend more complex topics. But as a result, the curriculum content in Science tends to be fact-based and information-heavy (read: lots of wrote learning). So how do we construct curriculum such that there is a balance between background prep for future years, and actually DOING SCIENCE?

That isn’t a rhrtorical question, and it isn’t one that has a simple answer. It’s one for discussion, and probably one for the next EdCamp.

2 thoughts on “The Trouble with Content

  1. takoly

    Its funny, our state standards, while a moving target for the last 10 or so years, continue to push a “test” that is at least 1/2 about process: application(engineering), inquiry, and systems. Sometimes I wonder if it is not more about how we as teachers are better at content and assessing it over process of science standards. The funny thing is I think the gets get more out of those days when we are doing more of the “process” of science even though it is harder to manage with 33 kids in a classroom.


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