Happy bloggiversary to me

One year ago today TeachScience.net was inaugurated with this post. Over the year I have made 84 posts (including this one) which is about 1.6 posts per week (on average – but of course the distribution is actually “clumpy”).


  • This blog averages about 30 hits a day, 25% of visitors browse around, while 75% view only a single page.
  • My most popular single posts were DIY Personalized, Randomized Assignments and Textbooks Have it Backwards, though the most frequently hit pages from searches on an ongoing basis are the two that mention drooling autotrophs (here and here).
  • About as many incoming visitors land on the home page as on the most frequent individual page on a typical day.

Lessons learned:

  • Blogging is good for my brain
  • There are at least a few people interested in what I have to say
  • I will keep doing it.

Thanks everyone!

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