“The notes and videos are more detailed…”

As I mentioned, I am flipping my classroom for tis last unit on Astronomy with my grade nines. One of the points of discussion around flipped classes is what to do with students who haven’t taken the time to watch the videos or read ahead. Because if they have to watch the videos in class, that leaves them to do the in-class work as homework, and you are back to square one. But there is something else as well. When a teacher’s response to student questions seems to always be “it’s online” or “it’s on Blackboard” (or Moodle or whatever), there is a sense that questions are not desired, and answers will not be given. That can alienate students, which is the last thing we want.

So When a student is stuck during an in-class activity because they have no idea what was in the online component they were supposed to have read and/or watched, I treat it as if they had watched, but did not understand. I let them know that there is more detail in the notes and video, and then summarize. It seems to work – often the summary is enough to get them over the hump, and sometimes they go searching for specifics in the notes or click through the videos. And sometimes they even start to recognize that maybe they would get more out of the class if they came prepared…


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