Real Educational Technology

I have mentioned before how I became a convert to smart phones – indeed, I have become a full-fledged cyborg with mine – and I still keep finding new ways to use my iPhone for education.

Just today I got so excited with what I was looking at under the microscope I decided I had to share it. So I whipped out my phone, captured a bunch of clips, edited them, and then posted the result to facebook and YouTube, all from the phone. Now THAT is real-world, authentic educational technology.


(PS – go full screen. It’s high res!)

4 thoughts on “Real Educational Technology

  1. Hannes Richter

    I was thirsty bedore watching it… thanks ^^

    I also wanted to thank you for all the good ideas I drafted from this blog, I’m a 12th grade student in germany and am going through your posts every day. It really has motivated me to learn and see things from a different perspective and some of your ideas have even made it into my classes.
    luckily I still have a lot of posts to go through, please keep up being, for what I can tell, an amazing teacher 🙂

    1. ed Post author

      Thank you! I haven’t written to this blog in a while, but comments like this are incentive to get back in the saddle 🙂


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