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g(Math) is a great addition to Docs and Sheets

Many schools use Google Drive with Docs, Sheets, Presentations, and any number of other plugins. But in Math and Science, there are a number of shortcomings. Hand drawn diagrams and equations are not easy to insert, and up until recently, the equation editor was quite limited.

But with g(Math), you have the full power of LaTex equation formatting at your disposal, and can generate complex formulas including vector arrows, matrices, and pretty much anything you might want. There is a bit of a learning curve for anyone not familiar with LaTeX syntax, but there is a large set of tools that can be used to generate a template which can be modified as necessary. With practice, anyone who is at all familiar with markup languages (such as html) will figure it out pretty quickly.


In addition to equations, you can also use g(Math) to generate graphs of functions that can be inserted into a document, which is very handy when generating Physics notes for class. gmath1

In Sheets, g(Math) lets you insert equations and graphs into cells, but also gives you some options for stats, and a nifty feature that will generate a form using the equation and graph images inserted into cells – a nifty feature for creating quizzes.


This is a great addition to GAFE, particularly for math and science. It would be nice to see it included with Presentation too, but until then one can always cut and paste.

Now we just need to work on getting digital ink into Google docs…